Testing in Sandbox

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Testing in Sandbox

LevelUp offers a sandbox environment that allows developers to test functionality of their applications. When adding credit cards to sandbox user accounts, please use our test credit cards.

iOS Consumer App

You can put the iOS consumer app into sandbox mode with the following steps:

  • Download the LevelUp consumer app for iOS
  • Hit “Get Started”
  • In the “Email” field, enter “sandboxme” You should now see a red bar at the top of the page.
  • Hit “Get Started”
  • Enter your sandbox test consumer email
  • Enter your sandbox test consumer password

Note: Push notifications are disabled in sandbox but the app checks for outstanding permissions requests on app open. If you are testing manual permissions requests, please close and reopen the app to trigger the permissions check.

Android Consumer App

Email developer@thelevelup.com to request an APK of the Android consumer app pointing to the sandbox environment.

Android Merchant App

LevelUp supports a merchant app on Google Play. When testing QR code scans in sandbox, you can download this APK of the Android merchant app that points to LevelUp’s sandbox environment. Please make sure to sign into the sandbox merchant app with your sandbox merchant credentials.