Consumer Flow

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Consumer Flow

LevelUp Customer Scans

Below is an overview of the transaction process from a consumer perspective for a counter-service business: LevelUp App

  1. The user will have the LevelUp app (or an app powered by LevelUp) on their phone.
  2. They open that app to display their QR Code. The user may set a tip amount, which gets embedded into the QR Code.
  3. They scan that QR Code at the LevelUp Scanner connected to the point-of-sale system.
  4. The POS system processes the transaction.
  5. Moments later, the consumer receives a push notification and email receipt detailing their purchase and any savings.
  6. The customer, satisfied, collects their purchase and heads on their way.

LevelUp prides itself on enabling a simple, quick, and convenient user experience. As you can see in the flow above, the consumer never has to do anything but scan their phone to complete a payment. All discounts, rewards, loyalty progress etc. are applied automatically by LevelUp server-side. Again, the consumer never has to take any action (but pay) to trigger these actions.