Users .: Create

API Reference / v14

Create a User

This endpoint registers and returns a newly-created user.

Request Endpoint

POST /v14/users

Authorization Required – App API Key in Body

Request Body

  "user": {
    "email": "",
    "first_name": "Ryan",
    "last_name": "Punxsutawney",
    "password": "s3cr3t"
  "api_key": "abc123..."

Request Parameters

Param Required Description
email Yes The new user’s email address.
first_name Yes The new user’s first name.
last_name Yes The new user’s last name.
password Yes The new user’s password.
api_key Yes The app’s api key.

cURL Example

curl -X POST -H Accept:application/json -H Content-Type:application/json -d '{"user": {"email": "","first_name": "Ryan","last_name": "Punxsutawney","password": "s3cr3t"},"api_key": "123456abcdefg..."}'

Example Response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

  "user": {
    "born_at": null,
    "cause_id": 123,
    "connected_to_facebook": true,
    "custom_attributes": {},
    "email": "",
    "first_name": "Ryan",
    "gender": null,
    "global_credit_amount": 0,
    "id": 123,
    "last_name": "Punxsutawney",
    "merchants_visited_count": 0,
    "orders_count": 0,
    "terms_accepted_at": null,
    "total_savings_amount": 0


HTTP/1.1 422 Unprocessable Entity

    "error": {
      "message": "Email is already associated with another app powered by LevelUp. If this is your account, you can go back to the login screen and log in using that email address and password.",
      "object": "user",
      "property": "email"