Orders .: Create Feedback

API Reference / v14

Create Feedback

This endpoint creates feedback for an order.

Request Endpoint

POST /v14/orders/:uuid/feedback

Authorization Required – User token

Authorization: token 123456-75489120749...

Request Body

  "feedback": {
    "comment": "The service was quick and the restaurant was spotless!",
    "question_text": "How was your experience at our restaurant?",
    "rating": 4

Request Parameters

Parameters Type Required Description
comment String No The user’s comment in response to the prompt.
question_text String Yes The question that the user was asked to consider for the rating and comment.
rating Integer Yes The rating that the user provided (must be 1 - 5).
uuid String Yes The UUID of the order.

Example Response Body

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

  "feedback": {
    "id": 111

Response Parameters

Param Type Description
id Integer The ID of the feedback created.

Error Responses

HTTP/1.1 error 404 Not Found - Order not found.

(No response body)