Users .: Check Registration

API Reference / v15

Check if a User has Registered with LevelUp or a LevelUp-powered App

This endpoint allows you to check an email address to see if it has already been registered in the LevelUp ecosystem.

Request Endpoint

GET /v15/registration

No Header Authorization Required

Request URL Format


Request Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
api_key String Yes Your API Key.
email String Yes The user’s email address.

cURL Example (Note: Characters in URL params must be urlencoded for cURL)


Example Response - User Already Registered

  "registration": {
    "app_name": "LevelUp",
    "description": "This app is powered by LevelUp. You can log in with your LevelUp username and password.",
    "facebook": false

Response Parameters

Parameters Type Description
app_name String The name of the original app used to register the user
description String The description of the original app used to register the user
facebook Boolean Whether the user registered through Facebook or not


HTTP/1.1 error 404 Not Found - User email is not already registered

    "error": {
      "message": "Email not found",
      "object": "registration",
      "property": "email"