Managed Locations .: List

API Reference / v15

List Managed Locations

This endpoint will return a list of locations managed by a given merchant token. This list could potentially return locations from multiple different merchants. It includes only the information needed by POS or online ordering integrations and is not paginated.

Request Endpoint

GET /v15/managed_locations

This endpoint requires an access token with the manage_merchant_orders permission.

Authorization Required – Merchant Token in Header

Authorization: token merchant="982-9a4218e4b6714b7b6b47890d0bf2f46544c99ff7a5957f72ef5637eaafdc73"

cURL Example

curl \
  -H Accept:application/json \
  -H Content-Type:application/json \
  -H 'Authorization:token merchant="982-9a4218e4b6714b7b6b47890d0bf2f46544c99ff7a5957f72ef5637eaafdc73"'

Example Response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

    "location": {
      "address": "101 Arch St., Boston, MA",
      "id": 3,
      "merchant_id": 1,
      "merchant_name": "LevelUp Cafe",
      "name": "LU#3 - 101 Arch St.",
      "pos_location_identifier": "72921cb8-9393-11e9-bd5f-6f47f503104a",
      "tip_preference": "expected"
    "location": {
      "address": "1 Beach Dr, Honolulu, HI",
      "id": 10,
      "merchant_id": 1001,
      "merchant_name": "Hang Ten Cafe",
      "name": "LU#10 - 1 Beach Dr.",
      "pos_location_identifier": "7da57d8e-9393-11e9-a9ab-9307732aeac0",
      "tip_preference": "unwanted"


HTTP/1.1 error 401 Unauthorized - Token does not have manage_merchant_orders permission or is invalid