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Refunding orders paid with LevelUp is straightforward. Simply take the order UUID (returned in the successful completed order response object) and hit the refunds endpoint on the LevelUp API.

LevelUp refunds will void the full amount charged to the consumer, including taxes, tip, and credit.

Refunding FAQ

How do I refund gift card purchases?

  • Don’t. Gift card purchases should not be refunded through the API. If a gift card purchase needs to be refunded, it should be done by the LevelUp customer support team.

  • If the integration cannot prevent gift card purchases from being refunded, do not attempt to destroy the gift card value as it may lead to improper and irreversible destruction of credit.

How I do refund specific items (partial refund)?

  • The best way to refund a specific item is to completely reverse the transaction and re-run it with the modified check.

How do I refund LevelUp just the gift card/discount/tip of a LevelUp transaction?

  • If any part of a LevelUp transaction (discount, payment, tip, gift card etc.) is refunded or voided, all elements of that transaction should be rolled off the check as they are all bundled together and cannot be reversed separately. If individual elements can be deleted on the check and the elements cannot be tied together, the cashier must be prompted to remove them manually.