Reward .: Pause

API Reference / v15

Pause (or Unpause) a Reward

This endpoint allows a customer to pause or unpause their rewards. A paused reward will not be automatically applied until it is unpaused. Not all rewards are pausable. Pausing a reward does not prevent the reward from expiring. The authorization token must have the manage_user_campaigns permission.

If a user has multiple gift cards and you pause any of them, they will all be paused. Preloaded credit can not be paused.

To retrieve a list of rewards, claim IDs, paused state and status, use one of the following rewards endpoints:

Request Endpoint

PUT /v15/locations/:location_id/rewards/:claim_id


PUT /v15/merchants/:merchant_id/rewards/:claim_id

Authorization Required – User Token in Header

Authorization: token user=123456-75489120749...

Request Parameters

Param Type Required Description
paused Boolean Yes To pause a reward, set this value to true. To unpause, set it to false.

cURL Example

curl -X PUT '' \
  -iH Accept:application/json \
  -H Content-Type:application/json \
  -H 'Authorization:token user="123897-99SCvr3kSe3TqqQid3DyPXfo2Kq98MyhF6CaNPqoDeMhJ18Uopq19uddcznu6R"' \
-d '{ "reward": { "paused": true } }'

Example Response

    "reward": {
        "created_at": "2016-10-07T09:23:42-04:00",
        "description": "$0.50 from Bob's Burgers. Expires 10/07/17 at 9:23 am.",
        "expires_at": "2017-10-07T09:23:42-04:00",
        "id": "claim-30340",
        "source_campaign_id": 11,
        "tags": [],
        "title": "$0.50 Credit",
        "pausable": true,
        "paused": true,
        "usable": true,
        "usable_as_credit": false,
        "usable_now": true,
        "value_amount": 50,
        "value_remaining_amount": 50

Response Parameters

Param Type Description
created_at Datetime ISO 8601 date and time (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss±hh:mm) when the reward was created.
description String The description of the reward.
expires_at Datetime ISO 8601 date and time (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss±hh:mm) when the reward expires. Null if no expiration.
id Integer The claim id of the reward.
source_campaign_id Integer The campaign id for the reward (if applicable, otherwise null)
tags Array Array of merchant-defined tags for the campaign.
title String The title of the reward.
pausable Boolean State describing if the reward is pausable or not.
paused Boolean The paused state of the reward. Paused rewards will not be redeemed automatically.
usable Boolean State describing if the reward is usable or not.
usable_now   Boolean State describing if the reward is usable now or not (might be for a particular redemption time).
usable_as_credit Boolean State describing if the reward is usable as generic credit (might be an item-based campaign).
value_amount Integer Original reward value (in cents).
value_remaining_amount Integer The value remaining (in cents) of the reward (if applicable, otherwise null).