User Addresses .: List

API Reference / v15

List a User’s Addresses

This endpoint allows you to get all of the addresses of a user.

Request Endpoint

GET /v15/user_addresses

To see a user’s addresses, you must have a user access token with the manage_user_addresses permission.

Authorization Required – User Token in Header

Authorization: token user="123897-99SCvr3kSe3TqqQid3DyPXfo2Kq98MyhF6CaNPqoDeMhJ18Uopq19uddcznu6R"

cURL Example

curl \
  -H Accept:application/json \
  -H Content-Type:application/json \
  -H 'Authorization:token user="123897-99SCvr3kSe3TqqQid3DyPXfo2Kq98MyhF6CaNPqoDeMhJ18Uopq19uddcznu6R"'

Example Response

    "user_address": {
        "address_type": "home",
        "business_information": null,
        "delivery_instructions": null,
        "extended_address": "Apt 1",
        "id": 123,
        "latitude": 42.362603,
        "locality": "Boston",
        "longitude": -71.065063,
        "nickname": "Mi Casa",
        "postal_code": "02114",
        "region": "MA",
        "street_address": "123 Main St"

Response Parameters

Parameters Type Description
address_type String The type of the address. Valid values are ‘billing’, 'delivery’, 'home’, 'other’, 'payment’, 'shipping’, and 'work’.
business_information String Information for the business the user wants the order delivered to. Only true for 'delivery’ address_type.
delivery_instructions String Delivery instructions for the associated user address.
extended_address String The second portion of a user’s address.
id Integer The ID of the address.
latitude Float The latitude of the address.
locality String The city of the address.
longitude Float The longitude of the address.
nickname String The nickname of the address.
postal_code String The ZIP code of the address.
region String The state of the address.
street_address String The street and number of the address.