Grant Credit

Resources and Guides

Merchant accounts may grant 3rd party apps the ability to push credit to users. Merchant funded credit can be set to only be redeemed at the specified merchant’s locations, or redeemable anywhere on LevelUp. Because it is the merchant’s account that is funding this credit, the app granting the credit requires permission from the merchant to do so.

1. Get Merchant Permission Complete a request to get the merchant’s permission to distribute credit on their behalf. The permissions request must include give_merchant_funded_credit. Merchants can accept the permissions request via the LevelUp app or email.

2. Get Merchant Access Token The merchant’s approval generates a scoped access token that can be retrieved via posting to a callback url or polling the API endpoint. Email with your apps callback url and LevelUp app id to retrieve access tokens via callback URL.

3. Add Credit to User’s Account Use the merchant access token and user’s email address to distribute credit into the user’s account. If you’d like limit the credit to be redeemed only at a merchant’s locations, make sure the global flag is set to false. Set the global flag to true anytime you wish to deliver credit that can be redeemed across all LevelUp merchants. Find documentation for this endpoint here, Merchant Funded Credit.