Gift Cards

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Gift Cards

Implementing LevelUp gift cards is an easy way to add even more value to the merchants and consumers using your integration or application. If you simply wish to accept LevelUp-powered gift cards (and you already accept LevelUp orders), there is no additional work to be done as LevelUp payments via gift cards work just like any other LevelUp payment. However, if you’d like to allow your clients to sell gift cards, you’ll need to implement the endpoints below.

Loading Gift Cards

To load a LevelUp gift card, simply create a request to the add gift card value endpoint. An approved response will be returned alongside the old and new values on the card.

NOTE: DO NOT call this endpoint until the payment for the added value is tendered through the system, otherwise there is a potential for fraud.

Additionally, it is highly recommended that you do not allow LevelUp gift card credit to be paid for using the LevelUp mobile app. Gift cards should be paid for with cash or credit card only. If you believe that you need to allow LevelUp as a form of payment for loading LevelUp gift cards, you must include the amount of the gift card in the exemption_amount param of the order creation call. This will block the user from redeeming or earning loyalty rewards or progress on the transaction.

Checking Gift Card Values

Current gift card values can be retrieved from the merchant-funded gift card credit endpoint.

Make sure you apply LevelUp gift card credit as a tender (“LevelUp Gift Card Tender”) and not as a discount.

Redeeming Gift Cards

Redeeming LevelUp gift cards is simple - all you need to do is a standard LevelUp order, but use the gift card QR code in place of the customer’s standard QR code. In some cases, the customer will have loaded the gift card directly onto their account, so there is no difference at all!