Create Menu Validation

Provider Enablement / Developer Endpoints

Create a Menu Validation

This endpoint accepts a menu in the LevelUp format, and will enqueue it for a validation process. The response body will include a URL which can be polled to view the results. The processing will be quick for reasonably sized menus.

This endpoint is only available in our Sandbox environment, and not in Production, as it is intended to be used primarily while developing a new integration.

Requests to this endpoint are limited to 5 per minute. This limit may change in the future.

Request Endpoint



An access token is required for this request. Contact your partner Solutions or Operations Engineer to get one.

Authorization: token YOUR-ACCESS-TOKEN

Request Body

The request body should be a JSON object in the LevelUp format format.

Example Response Body

    "results_url": "",

Response Parameters

Name Type Description
results_url String Poll this URL with GET requests. While the menu is still validating, it will return a validating state parameter. When validation is complete, it will return a state of either validated or validation_failed.
state String This will always equal validating, as the validation process will happen in the background after your request.