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There are a number of core ways to utilize LevelUp for e-commerce, by including LevelUp as a payment method, login method or even account of record. This guide will focus on LevelUp as a payment method. Please refer to Web Checkout for a detailed overview of additional e-commerce applications.

1. Configure Your Merchant Account In order to be able to charge on behalf of a merchant, you need to get an access_token with the manage_merchant_orders permission through our OAuth Flow.

2. Authorize Users

3. Create a Proposed Order and Apply Discounts Submit the user token, merchant token and sales details to the proposed orders endpoint and apply the returned discounts.

4. Create a Completed Order and Apply Gift Cards and Tenders Complete the order using the completed orders endpoint and apply the returned gift cards and tenders.

4. Refund Orders Add the ability for a merchant to refund a completed order.