Common Questions

Web Checkout / Core Concepts

Here are some answers to common questions regarding integrating LevelUp into your online ordering system:

Should I still email a receipt? Yes. LevelUp will also send an email receipt to the consumer confirming the transaction. But yours will likely have more detailed information about the specific order and any special instructions.

Why do I need to send LevelUp item level data? For a number of reasons:

  • LevelUp uses this data to provide richer analytics to merchants.
  • Merchants can target offers to specific items and we need to know what items were purchased to know what credit/discounts to apply.
  • Brand advertisers can target offers to incentivize purchases of their products at merchants. This drives additional sales to merchants, funded by someone else’s advertising spend.

Because these features are core value drivers for the LevelUp merchant ecosystem, we require that online ordering systems deliver item level detail along with each transaction submitted to LevelUp.

Where do I get the merchant’s LevelUp login and password? You do not need the merchant’s credentials. Simply use the OAuth Flow to retrieve an access_token for the merchant with the necessary permissions such as manage_merchant_orders etc.