C# & .NET

POS Integration / Integration SDK


The LevelUp C# Integration SDK provides the basic building blocks you’ll need to integrate LevelUp into a point-of-sale system or other merchant-oriented app. Specifically, the SDK provides classes and libraries which allow you to make requests to the LevelUp web service and handle the results. The SDK doesn’t mandate using any UI framework in particular.


The LevelUp SDK is designed to work with .NET 3.0 and later.

The SDK depends on the RestSharp and Json.NET third-party libraries, which are included in the bin folders as .dll files.

API key

To use the LevelUp SDK, you will need to first generate a LevelUp API key.

Getting the SDK

The LevelUp C# SDK is packaged as a set of three dynamic libraries: LevelUp.API.Client.dll, LevelUp.API.Http.dll, and LevelUp.API.Utilities.dll.

Downloading Precompiled Binaries

If you are simply looking to download the three precompiled binaries, you may do so in one of two ways:

  1. You may download the binaries as a zip file directly from the GitHub Releases Page. In the “Downloads” section, there will be a package named LevelUpSDK.zip.
  2. These binaries are also provided as NuGet packages which are hosted on the LevelUp MyGet Package Feed. Details on how to pull these NuGet packages into your Visual Studio solution are provided in the SDK readme on GitHub.

Downloading The Source Code

The recommended means of getting the SDK source is by cloning the repository available on the GitHub LevelUp SDK page.

It is also possible to download the source code as a zip file directly from the GitHub Releases Page. In the “Downloads” section, there will be a package named SourceCode.zip.

Example App

To get a good feel for how to use the SDK, first take a look at the example app source code, which is available in the SDK GitHub Repository. This will walk you through the basics for authentication, merchant configuration, placing an order, and requesting a refund.

Building the Sample with Visual Studio

Details for how to build the SDK via Visual Studio are available on the SDK readme on GitHub.