Mobile SDK / Login & Registration

You can use the SDK to help a user sign up for a new LevelUp account. All that’s required is an email address and a first and last name. Note that a password is not included; instead, a new user will receive an email from LevelUp later directing them to set a password. In the meantime, they are logged into your app directly.

In addition to these basic user fields, you must include a list of permissions as part of your request.

Adding a Card

Of special note is the manage_user_payment_methods permission. Generally when a user signs up for an account, you will want them to add a credit or debit card so that they will be able to pay. Make sure you request manage_user_payment_methods so your new user can pay!


Use requestToCreateUser:withPermissions: in LUUserRequestFactory to create a request to register a user. If the request succeeds, an LUAccessToken will be returned.

If manage_user_payment_methods is one of the permissions requested, you will be able to add a user’s credit or debit card. Cards are represented by the LUCreditCard class. Use LUCreditCardRequestFactory to create requests.


Registration In Development

Cards are represented by the CreditCard class. Use the CreditCardRequestFactory to create the credit card request. The response should be parsed with the CreditCardJsonFactory if the response status is LevelUpStatus.OK.