Mobile SDK / Getting Started

The LevelUp Mobile SDK lets developers enable their consumer-oriented apps for mobile payment. The SDK is currently available in limited preview for iOS and Android. If you’d like access, sign up.


Once you’ve been given access, read our Getting Started guides for iOS and Android for setup instructions.

You will use the SDK to make API calls to LevelUp. Most of these calls are related to a user, such as retrieving a user’s payment token, or displaying their order history. These calls require an access token with appropriate permissions.

If a user has a LevelUp account, you can use Deep Link Auth to acquire an access token. With Deep Link Auth, a user gets app-switched into the LevelUp mobile app, and after approving the request, gets switched back into your app along with an access token.

If the user doesn’t have a LevelUp account, you have two options:

  • You can have the SDK direct them to install LevelUp and create an account. Once this is complete, you can initiate a Deep Link Auth request.

  • The SDK also supports basic registration. The user submits their name and email, but doesn’t have to choose a password. The account will have some basic permissions, including the ability for the user to add their first credit/debit card.

Note that neither Deep Link Auth nor registration requires entry of a password; this simplifies the experience for both you and the user, while being safe and secure.

Additional Features

LevelUp also provides an Enterprise SDK, which includes advanced features like password-based login, payment source and user detail management, and the ability to create support tickets.


Use of the SDK is bound by our Developer Terms & Conditions. We also provide a Platform Overview and SDK to help you build great experiences using LevelUp.