Enterprise SDK / Core Concepts

Logging in on LevelUp is done by sending an email and password to retrieve a long-lived access token. This access token should then be persisted until it’s expired, invalidated, or the user decides to log out.

Once logged in, you can use the SDK to retrieve the authorized user’s info.


An access token is represented by the LUAccessToken class. Use LUAuthenticationRequestFactory to create requests to authenticate.


To retrieve an AccessToken, pass a username and password to AccessTokenRequestFactory. Upon success, the result of this request can be parsed into an AccessToken using an AccessTokenJsonFactory.

You’ll need to implement an AccessTokenRetriever in order to be able to make requests with authorization. See Getting Started: Authorization for more details on this.

The AccessToken also contains the logged-in user’s ID. Make sure that this is also persisted, as it’s needed to update and retrieve user profile information. To get user profile information, pass the stored user ID to a UserRequestFactory to retrieve the User from the LevelUp web service.